Friday, 15 January 2016

Still Friends.

I made a mistake and got the wrong apples for Ben. Ben is a retired old hunter who lives in the field at the top of the lane, and he likes apples. For some weeks now I’ve been keeping one in my coat pocket in case he’s near the gate when I walk past, and I’ve been using up the seemingly endless stock which came off the apple tree last year.

The stock wasn’t endless. They’ve all gone now, so I got some from the supermarket because it would be quite unthinkable to walk past the gate without giving dear old Ben his treat. But I made a mistake and bought cooking apples, which aren’t as sweet as the eating variety.

Today he had his first Bramley apple, and my heart was in my mouth. Would he spit it out and walk away, never to speak to me again? I waited as he chewed, then gave him a second piece, and a third, and the fourth. He ate them all, and then tried to headbutt me and bite my nose as he always does. So that was OK.

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