Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Finding the Odd Pearl Among the Pebbles.

Occasionally I re-read old blog posts, and occasionally I find a really good one (by my standards, at least.) And when I do, I consider re-posting it on the grounds that most – if not all – people who read this blog now didn’t do so back in 2012 or whenever.

But then I decide that such a practice would be cheating. I could make it less of a cheat by declaring that it was a re-post, but it still wouldn’t seem quite right. So I don’t.

And you know what the real problem is? When I first started this blog I had no idea what a tag was.

‘What’s a tag?’ I asked myself.

Don’t know.

‘Well if you don’t know what one is, it doesn’t seem very likely that you’ll have need of them, does it?’

Suppose not.

‘So don’t bother.’


And so I didn’t. And now I want tags, especially for the ditties, the delightful Dracula posts (which I consider some of my best) and one for Dead Good Posts.

But I’ve now published nearly 6,000 posts, and going back over that lot to tag them all is just too tall an order. I could start tagging now, but I’m superstitious. It would be just my luck to die as soon as I’d added the first tag because life’s like that. So carry on regardless; it’s the only way.

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