Thursday, 21 January 2016

Declaring the Soul Sister.

It’s late, but maybe not too late for a rare post that has something to say.

I often wonder about the concept of soul groups. Like everything else that’s esoteric and unknowable, it’s attractive but remains mysterious. But here’s something I wrote in a comment reply five and a half years ago:

… the essential problem with loneliness isn’t the aching for contact with other people, but the fact that it further challenges one’s sense of self.

The first question is: how did I get from there to here? Well, it doesn’t really matter; what’s important is that it was the point at which I discovered the priestess. She was only around seventeen at the time, but over the following couple of years she took me to places I’d never visited before and taught me stuff I’d always wanted to understand. Our discussion on that long comment thread installed her into my mind and heart, and she’s still there. She always will be. And maybe I really do mean always.

It occurs to me that I might die at any moment, and there are a few things I would want to be entered onto the record before I do. That’s one of the big ones. And if there’s one reason to give credence to the concept of soul groups, the priestess is it. Such depth over distance would be hard to explain any other way.

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