Wednesday, 20 January 2016

While I Was Away.

The progress of my life during my enforced absence from the blogosphere (I hate British Telecom with a passion, just so you know) consisted of little more than encounters with three ladies and two dogs. Two of the ladies were of little consequence and may be dismissed. Of the two dogs, one was sweet and friendly and wanted to play, while the other was in a belligerent frame of mind and wanted to use me for sport – which isn’t quite the same thing. They were both delightful.

The third lady was of substantial significance. She it was who entered my dream a few nights ago and took me home (I think I might have been a dog at the time, but there was neither mirror nor lamppost in evidence so I can’t be sure.) Yesterday she hurt my feelings dreadfully. I got over it, but then the internet went missing. I intended to go to bed early, but instead woke up in front of a cold computer and retired with ‘good morning, birdies’ on my lips as usual.

You didn’t miss much.

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