Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Putting the Wind up the Birdies.

My regular habit of feeding the birds has resulted in there being a flock of House Sparrows, about two dozen strong, which have become (or so it seems) dependant on me. They sit on the hedge top like a veritable tribe of little Woodstocks, waiting for me to take the seed and rolled oats out.

So today I said to them: ‘Do you want to know who really comes out when the moon is full?’ They cocked their heads in curiosity.

Werejeffrey!’ I cried, at which point they screeched mightily and flew away.

The final statement was a lie, and even the joke isn’t mine. Credit is due to Mr Schultz, whose splendid cartoon strip went some way towards ameliorating the bad reputation bestowed upon American culture by Walt Disney, fast food giants, the NRA, and Donald Trump. And it isn’t always easy to find something to say on a blog.

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