Monday, 25 January 2016

Kid's Stuff About Paths.

Here’s another benefit to writing a blog: it teaches you how damn complicated so many things are.

Tonight I was going to write a note on my response to music. It all seemed so simple at first, but as the list of conditions grew, so did the exceptions. It began to take on the appearance of a vast forest in which the path has all but disappeared, so I went home for tea and cartoons instead. And I suppose that also demonstrates just how lazy I am. (Did you know that in his book Tao: The Pathless Path, Osho argues that it is irrational to take a pejorative attitude to laziness? He does.) But here’s some music I like, just so you know:

And I was thinking tonight about the issue of libido. That became terribly complicated, too. No simple Id response in this neck of the woods, rather a load of twisty paths! And all because I keep feeling inclined to propose to somebody, only I won’t of course. She would never speak to me again if I did, and that would be a shame. Very few people speak to me as it is.

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