Thursday, 14 January 2016

An Anniversary.

Thought I might mention that I started writing this blog six years ago this very night.

(Still paraphrasing A Christmas Carol, I see.)

‘Sorry. If I can make it last another year, I’ll be able to quote it exactly.’

So should I write some kind of retrospective? Nope; I’m far too lazy for that. And besides, my head is a lot more screwed up than it was six years ago. All I’ll say is that writing a blog for six years has shown me two things:

1. What a complex and flawed creature I am.

2. How much a person can change in six years, mostly becoming more irritatingly complex and depressingly flawed.

I’d greatly recommend the writing of a blog to anyone who wants to know themselves better and isn’t too concerned about the issue of self-esteem. And I hope this goes some way to balancing the wordy and turgid bio that was my first post on 14th January 2010.

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