Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Putting the Record Straight.

One of several theories about the meaning of the lyrics to this classic has it that it’s all about the sinking of the Titanic. I like that one. The sinking of the Titanic gives me the shudders – shipwrecks always do – so it’s nice to add a bit of a chill to the hearing of it.

Did I mention once that the captain of the Titanic, Captain Smith, came from my home town? He grew up very close to the first house I lived in as a baby. And it’s still popularly thought that he was the villain of the piece – the irresponsible skipper who pressed on regardless of the known risks. I gather it isn’t true; it was all the Americans’ fault, apparently. Something to do with big money being at stake – corporate pressure, and all that. I forget the fine details; I always do.

And I’m not having an anti-America day today, as the blog might seem to indicate. I’m just being mischievous because I find being sensible so difficult.

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