Thursday, 4 September 2014

Inconsequence with Bullet Points.

Just in case anybody’s wondering (and I don’t suppose anybody is, but just in case) the reason I haven’t made a post today has nothing to do with the old black dog (although he’s still shuffling around in the corner, growling at me with half closed eyes.) It’s because:

1. The one news item which prompted a blackly humorous response was too coincidental with recent unpleasant reports of an international nature. Accordingly, the making of a humorous post struck me as being unacceptably insensitive. Maybe I’ll make it when the international situation has calmed down.

2. I’ve been too busy with phone calls and e-mails, one of which was deep and meaningful.

I have two difficulties with e-mailing these days, which are:

1. My hand-to-eye coordination is a little awry at the moment (stress has that effect) and the keys on my old keyboard are sticky. These two factors make typing a bit of a chore because I have to keep going back over the message to change ‘evil’ to ‘live’ and adding missing letters so that ‘pouncing’ no longer reads ‘poncing.’

2. Writing deep and meaningful e-mails always leaves me with the feeling that I’ve been guilty of both inadequacy and unwarranted presumption. This is especially a worry when the intended recipient is a VIP (the real sort, not the artificial royal, political, corporate or celebrity sort.)

Come to think of it, though, I did have one eye-roll moment when I read the news. It said that Cameron and Obama had visited a school in Wales (the Pres is over here for the NATO thing; Cameron is almost always here, unfortunately.) Why do they do that sort of thing? We all know it’s just window dressing. It isn’t the worst form of dishonesty in politics, but it’s a form of sorts.

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