Saturday, 1 July 2017

Tonight's Minor Phenomena.

OK, own up. Who is the sudden regular visitor from Illinois? I don’t know anybody in Illinois. The only person I ever spoke to in that state was a security man at Chicago airport. I got off the plane and found myself in a big empty space where there was a guy in a uniform looking almost as lost as me. I asked him: ‘Where do I go through customs?’ to which he replied: ‘You just did, buddy.’ (Fancy that.) Is it you?

*  *  *

And YouTube has developed a new nasty habit – a box which flashes up before you can watch the video, and which says: Tell us your age so that we may direct more appropriate ads at you. The replies included one which said ‘I don’t wish to say’, but it didn’t have the one I wanted which was ‘Fuck off.’ The only acceptable option was the ‘Skip ad’ button, so that’s what I chose. Bloody cheek!

(Actually, it probably didn't come from YouTube at all. I expect it was one of those damnable phishing scams which Google allowed through in return for a modest fee.)

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