Tuesday, 11 July 2017

A Very British Reply.

I wonder whether there’s a friendly American in the audience who might tell me whether Ronel is a male or female name. It sounds feminine to me, but it’s too close to Ronald to call.

It’s just that I had a reply from someone of that name to a query I sent to MS Outlook. The aforesaid Ronel said that he or she hoped I was ‘doing great today’ and followed it up with ‘let’s work this out together.’ In my reply I said that I rarely do great on any day, and working things out together sounds like something Americans do.

But then I looked at the clock, assumed that the support centre is in California, worked out the time difference, and wished him/her a good tiffin.

(I didn’t correct his/her ‘your’ for ‘you’re’ error since that would have been churlish and inexcusably un-British.)

Am I doing great?

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