Friday, 28 July 2017

Subtle Energy Blues.

We had another cold, dark, wet and windy twilight tonight. It’s a matter of much surprise to me just how debilitating an effect such circumstances can have on my mood, but then twilights have never meant as much to me as they do now.

Somebody suggested that what I feel at twilight is the chi flowing through the natural growth, and said that inclement weather – especially wind – can disrupt its regular flow. And since the perception of such a phenomenon is very subtle, the disruption is enough to make it imperceptible.

Well, I don’t whether they’re right because I don’t claim to know things like that (even though I'm prepared to give them credence.) Pretty much all I claim to know is what I feel, and when the twilight is cold, dark, wet and windy, I don’t feel what I usually feel when it’s mild and calm. And that means there’s something special missing, and that adds further weight to a mood which is already less buoyant than it ought to be.

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