Sunday, 30 July 2017

Still Connected.

It appears the Priestess hasn’t gone after all. We seem merely to have reached the point of needing to re-negotiate my job description.

In saying that, why do I appear to assume the inferior position? Well, I think it’s partly the fallout from having been brought up in the company of humble peasant stock in a humble, peasanty sort of place in the English North Midlands. But in addition to that, I’ve always been possessed of the notion that if you can’t be worthy yourself (which people from humble, peasanty sort of places in the English North Midlands generally aren’t), the next best thing is to assist the worthy on their road to greatness.

And I sometimes wonder whether I should publish my emails to the Priestess on this blog, then I could play both the Fool and the fool at the same time. (I hope everybody understands the difference.)

Is anybody taking this seriously?

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