Saturday, 22 July 2017

On a Musical Gulf.

Just because I’ve listened to a couple of Vedic mantras on YouTube recently, the Google machine seems to think I want to be inundated with recommendations for ‘relaxing New Age music that will enrich your soul’ – or variations on the same silly theme.

I’ve listened to some of it in the past, and it never failed to have the same effect as drinking a cup of hot water with ten spoons of sugar, when what I’d asked for was a cup of strong, unadulterated Lapsang Souchong. There’s a big, big difference between ‘relaxing’ (but utterly syrupy) New Age music written for the commercial market and repeated on YouTube, and authentic Vedic mantras. The difference should be immediately apparent to a chimpanzee with an Id the size of Africa.

Why don’t the uploaders understand that? Why doesn’t Google understand that? Why do the people who assume the role of purveying music to a hungry public so routinely fail to comprehend the depth of the human psyche?

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