Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The Prospect Park Conspiracy Theory.

I was just reading the intriguing story of the aggressive – possibly rabid – squirrel which has been attacking people in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. When the news reached Donald Trump he reportedly tweeted:

Dont no body beleev it. More fake nooz. Just maid up by some raybid dems, a mean ya gota bee raybid to bee a dem, rite?

The tweet never went public because a subsequent argument with his copy editor resulted in the editor being the seventh person fired that day, and by then Donald had lost interest. And reports that two men resembling Trump Jr and Kushner were seen feeding a squirrel with some unknown substance in a room at Trump Tower are so far unsubstantiated. Kushner admitted to being fond of squirrels, but said he’d done nothing improper.

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