Friday, 21 July 2017

The Saving of Trump?

I was just reading about Spicer’s resignation in the BBC World News pages, and the focus of the piece eventually left Mr S and moved to Mr T and his six months of silly shenanigans. I suddenly found myself prey to what I hope is an irrational suspicion.

My friend the Venerable Borg (aka Mistress M who lives in America) said to me recently that Trump doesn’t need a name any more; a simple pronoun is sufficient now. She said: The New York Times could easily rename itself Guess What He's Done Now? No one would wonder who "he" was. 

And that’s where my suspicion comes in. Trump is clearly becoming the Clown Prince of America, and I wonder whether his lack of adroitness, sophistication, understanding of the needs of the people, and ability to speak or write half decent English might lead to him gaining in popularity. People who make us laugh – even unintentionally – do tend to become popular because we all like buffoons.

I do hope I’m wrong because let’s not forget that Baby Donald has a habit of throwing firecrackers out of his playpen, and firecrackers can start fires. And when I read that he recently lambasted the North Korean administration for being ‘brutal’, I think he might take a look in the mirror and reflect on the fact that brutality takes more than one form.

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