Monday, 3 July 2017

Today's Capricious Climate.

Much overdue outdoor work was done in the warm July sunshine.

The wife of a friend told me about her bowel cancer procedures. She talked of anuses and vaginal walls, of colostomy bags and potential incontinence – none of which I would count among my favourite topics of conversation. It was difficult to know how to respond, so I kept it attentive, sympathetic and as upbeat as possible. Nevertheless, it seemed no more than honest to admit that remaining positive in such circumstances is easier said than done.

Throughout the work and the discourse – and at all other times beside – there was an acrid and persistent dread of tomorrow much stronger than my accustomed dread of tomorrow. That was because there was a much more concrete reason.

I was reminded of my favourite self-coined philosophical sound bite:

Perception is the whole of the life experience.

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