Sunday, 23 July 2017

My Slug Theory.

When I came down from my shower tonight there was a slug and an earthworm on the kitchen floor. I always get slugs in the kitchen on wet nights in summer.

(There were two baby frogs once. Catching them and putting them out in the early hours of the morning – under the influence, even – was fun. But back to slugs…)

I wouldn’t mind slugs so much if they weren’t so slimy. You can’t pick them up without spending the next half hour trying to get the yellow slime off you fingers, which is why I imagine they started their evolutionary path from something that dripped from a humanoid’s runny nose. Why didn’t they do the civilised thing like snails and grow shells?

Because then they wouldn’t be slugs?

Mmm… Needless to say I wouldn’t knowingly do one any harm. And rescuing earthworms reminds me of happier days.

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