Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Baby Donald's Latest Tantrum.

OK, so Baby Donald has thrown another firecracker out of his playpen. He says that Obamacare should be allowed to collapse. So what does one say about that? I’m sure lots of people will have lots to say about it, and will no doubt do so over the next few days, weeks, and however long it takes for either madness or sanity to prevail.

My view for what it’s worth (especially since I don’t live in America, for which may the Lord make me truly thankful) is that it proves yet again what a small mind Mr Twitterfreak has. There’s just about enough room in there for money, but nothing else. Humanity is far too big a concept to fit into its mean and miniscule passageways. Trump is the true beetle under the concrete, and he doesn’t know the way out. He is incapable of seeing, much less comprehending, the trees, the sky, and the cosmos beyond.

Americans, you are losing credibility with your allies. Your enemies are smiling because you look dumb and divided. You have to get rid of this megalomaniac, money-obsessed, pea-brained child before it’s too late. You can ill afford another 4½ years of him.

Edited to add:

I think that should be 3½ years. 4½ is about how long we Brits might have to tolerate Mrs Ratty.

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