Thursday, 20 July 2017

Impressions of Brazil.

I’ve started getting regular visits from Brazil, so I took to wondering what images come to mind when I think about Brazil. This was the list in order of them dropping into what passes for my brain:

Beach volleyball (Best not think about that.)
Tanned and very fit young women (I said ‘best not think about that.’)
Copacobana Beach (Ermm… what did I say?)
Tall buildings
Overcrowded cities
Stellar footballers
Rain forest
Forest dwellers who don’t much like having their dwellings destroyed
Big rivers (with trees.)
Boa Constrictors
Jaguars (the cats, not the cars)
Politicians who are even more questionable than Trump, but also more open about it
Green and yellow
Footballers wearing blue and yellow (never understood why.)
Raven hair
Legs that climb and climb and climb, all the way to heaven (Jeffrey, for heaven’s sake!)
The girl from Ipanema

Stop it! That’s enough!

OK, time for bed anyway. Did I miss anything?

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