Wednesday, 5 July 2017

A Stalking Conundrum.

I was wondering today what would happen if two people with a stalker’s mentality developed an obsession with one another. Could mutual stalking work? I haven’t come to a decision yet because the usual stalking scenario – in which there is an easily identifiable aggressor and victim – would somehow have to work differently. It did strike me, however, that it could be blackly comic ('black' because real stalking is far from funny.)

And did I say that I’ve been the victim of a mild case of stalking myself twice in my life? The first ended when the ‘aggressor’ saw the light and took counselling, and the second was all wrapped up when I got a letter from her saying ‘I’m sorry for the trouble. I misunderstood your intentions.’ Or words to that effect. And who do you think felt guilty? Yup. And as far as I know I was never in any physical danger. And I didn’t have a rabbit.

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