Saturday, 8 July 2017

Lacking Inspiration.

Having had one of those days when a resurgence of the old CFS made me feel utterly washed out and ill for several hours, I then went looking through the news pages for inspiration. I didn’t find any. The home news continues to be dominated by the Grenfell Tower disaster, and further afield it’s all about G20, violent demonstrations and the two tyrants meeting one another ‘for the first time.’

Grenfell Tower isn’t a suitable subject for a blog post except to reflect on the argument that government austerity measures played a large part in the severity of the incident, and to be appalled by the sobering fact that such events are almost routine in poorer parts of the world. It seems the connection between poverty and low life expectancy has many strings. It’s why there are violent demonstrations at the G20 summit.

As for the tyrant Trump, he’s becoming tedious. A big head consisting of little more than a big mouth, a lot of hair, and sludge for brains has limited appeal to hold the interest. I think I’ll forget him until he throws another firecracker out of his playpen and gives the family cat a heart attack.

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