Saturday, 27 May 2017

Wondering About Donald.

I missed the incident in which the President of the Leader of the Free World pushed some minor Prime Minister aside (at the G7 Summit, I think. As I said, I missed it.) People from my little corner of the globe would ask: 'Was he brought up or dragged up?'

Donald really is a one, isn’t he? So now I find myself trying to decide whether pushing a Prime Minister is more or less damning than picking your nose over the bowl of sheep’s eye. Let’s call them different but equal, since they both send the reputation of America down into the frigid zone at the base of the thermometer.

And I wonder whether he was privy to Kushner’s slimy little Russia antics. Do father-in-laws concern themselves with such matters, I ask myself, when they’re busy making their country great?

And I further wonder whether he will maintain his position of being out of step with the rest of the world in being the only one to abdicate the cause of trying to save the planet. Maybe he feels that America’s greatness puts it above such concerns. Maybe it’s a Divine Right of Kings thing.

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