Thursday, 18 May 2017

Mrs Ratty's Smokescreen.

Over on this side of the pond we have our very own Imperator in the shape of the Prime Minister, Mrs Ratty. She’s currently going around claiming that she’s really a good Socialist at heart and is very much on the side of the working class (which isn’t the same thing as working people, don’t forget.)

According to Mrs Ratty, the traditional guardians of working class interests – the Labour Party – has abandoned its traditional roots and only she and her terribly able minions in the Conservative Party know how to make Britain a fairer place. She made this claim in the course of launching the Conservative Party manifesto, while lots of very smart men in very expensive suits – the terribly able minions – looked on attentively (or at least tried to look as though that’s what they were doing while the cameras were pointed in their direction.)

You know, there are people here in Britain who are dumb enough to believe tabloid headlines. And if they’re that dumb, they’ll probably believe what Mrs Ratty says.

(And I’m beginning to wonder whether there is something big going on here. I learned today that the billionaire behind Trump’s election campaign was also behind the Brexit ‘Leave’ campaign, breaking British polling laws in the process. Something big? Who knows?)

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