Sunday, 21 May 2017

Trump Gives a Speech (to Arabs...)

According to the BBC News website, Trump is going to deliver a speech in Riyadh this afternoon on the subject of ‘good versus evil.’

Ha ha
Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha

It then goes on to say that he will ‘call on regional leaders to condemn violence done in the name of religion.’ It omits to mention whether he will also condemn the far greater levels of violence traditionally done in the name of protecting western, and particularly American, pecuniary interests.

And I’m curious to know whether Trump’s ‘good versus evil’ speech will represent the mindset of a rich, secular American businessman, or a rich, ostensibly religious oil Sheik, or a poor, fanatically religious Arab peasant. Just who exactly will he – or at least his speech writers and policy advisers – be trying to impress?

I suppose the hope has to be that he will have written the speech himself, in which case it will probably be a string of semi-literate gobbledegook which nobody will understand anyway, so no harm will be done.

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