Friday, 5 May 2017

Rueing the Lack of Silliness.

This blog seems to be going through a serious phase. There’s no silliness at the moment. It’s verging on the consistently earnest, and oh what a tragedy that would be if it were to so continue.

The trouble is that everywhere I look I see stuff about politics and the law and babblings about education and the economy. I see headlines like:

Trump Scores Healthcare Victory in House

Oh, great. Let’s widen the gap between rich Americans and poor Americans even further, why don’t we? Good free market stuff, that. Good old Donald.

Donald would make a good Tory, which is probably why Mrs Ratty likes to hold his hand. It was Tory thinking that caused the Highland Clearances, and it was free market principles which killed a million Irish peasants when the potato crop failed. How am I supposed to be silly when I read stuff like that?

And then I read about the Canadian woman who makes it her business to give water to thirsty pigs in trailers when they’re on the way to the slaughterhouse. She got prosecuted for ‘mischief to property.’ Pigs are not sentient beings, you see, not under the law. They’re property, so it was alleged that giving water to them was ‘obstructing the use of property.’ Fortunately the judge thought otherwise, so she got off. But it still leaves you floundering in disbelief at the kind of crap which the human race employs to run its cultures. And when it comes to the matter of priorities, well…

*  *  *

You might remember the issue I had with the bees the other day. That night I had a number of itchy little spots on my arm where I’d obviously been bitten, and so I wondered:

Do bees
Have fleas?

And then I further wondered whether I could get it published in The Big Book of the World’s Shortest Poems. I suppose that’s a bit silly.

(At this time of night I tend to write stream of consciousness posts, so I hope this one isn’t as bad as I’ll probably think it is tomorrow.)

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