Wednesday, 10 May 2017

More on Film (and Bits.)

Tonight I watched the first half of another film which I should have watched decades ago: Edward Scissorhands. I find it strange that I never watched it before, considering the fact that it stars the magical Winona Ryder for whom I’ve had a very soft spot ever since Beetlejuice. First impressions (this is becoming a habit):

1. Certain practical considerations came to mind with regard to a man who has scissors for hands, but they’re rather too delicate to go into.

2. I was initially open-mouthed at just how bad American suburbia is until I realised that I was missing the obvious. The writers were clearly intent upon making it appear a tiny bit worse than it really is so that those who live there could smile and be reassured that everything is just fine really. British suburbia is similar, but with rather less enthusiasm and a lot less colour.

*  *  *

Earlier today I was engaged in my usual hobby of people-watching onboard a train. I was looking for interesting specimens to record here, but there weren’t any.

The closest I came was the man with a shaved head sitting in front of me. He was wading through what appeared to be a business report and kept breaking off to pick his nose. It piqued my interest sufficiently to wonder whether he would eat the crop as my stepfather routinely did, but he merely rolled and flicked them in what I assume to be the conventional manner. I was unable to establish whether any of the missiles attached themselves like limpet mines to any of his fellow travellers’ laptop screens, or even landed in their coffee. I would have found the former ironic and the latter amusing, but the stars were clearly not in a fun configuration today.

 *  *  *

Mel said ‘I like the coat.’

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