Friday, 12 May 2017

Scary New World.

I was reading recently that a journalist in America was arrested for asking an awkward question. They said it was his tone and behaviour that got him arrested, but on the face of it at least it seems the respondents’ refusal to answer the question was probably more to blame, since that would only inflame a man prevented from doing his legitimate job.

So now it seems that America is becoming a scary place to live, and maybe it isn’t surprising. Trump is clearly running scared over the Comey fiasco, changing his story and throwing out the kind of brainless invective more usually associated with the schoolyard bully. What’s of even more concern is that he appears to lack the wherewithal to avoid showing the fact.

So what would you expect of a country being run by a scared President who is also a bully with limited mental faculties? You’d expect a scary country.

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