Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The Genius and Me.

I just watched a YouTube video on the ten personal qualities which indicate genius. I only scored 8½ out of 10. Sorry to disappoint.

I was struck by the fact that throughout the video there was a constant presumption that geniuses – or at least highly intelligent people – are the most successful members of society. I haven’t found that to be true. Some of the most intelligent people I have known have been the least successful, largely because they can’t be bothered trying to fit in with the stupid way in which humans go about conducting their affairs. It’s the Donald Trumps of this world who enjoy worldly success. It’s a self-evident fact that western society, at least, tends to reward the psychopath, not the genius.

And that made me feel better since I’ve never been successful at anything. One of the personal qualities not included in the ten was a tendency to be restless, a tendency to feel the need to move on and explore something else once you’ve reached a level which you consider acceptable, or at least proved you can do it. Maybe they didn’t include it because restlessness is considered a failing.

Right then, so that’s my excuse for being a committed failure. And it really doesn’t matter anyway since I never claimed to be any sort of genius. I’m just looking for an excuse to make a blog post because it’s been a boring sort of day.

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