Thursday, 11 May 2017

Preaching to the Converted.

I set out to watch the second half of Edward Scissorhands tonight but didn’t make it to the end, partly because the DVD drive on my computer decided to malfunction and partly because I didn’t want to.

By then I’d realised that this is a simple parable about the parlous state of human nature. You take an innocent who is gifted but different from the norm and set him loose in human society. The majority of the inhabitants of that society are intrigued by his skill and exploit it exclusively to serve their own interests. And when their exploitation turns sour and the innocent reacts with understandable emotion, they turn on him. They see him as dangerous and feel justified in wanting him destroyed.

It’s like the man who overloads his pack horse to save the expense of using two. And when the horse stumbles under the pain and weight, it’s the animal which gets the blame and feels the whip.

Well, I already knew that about human nature; I’ve been observing it carefully all my life. I don’t need Tim Burton to show it to me.

*  *  *

And on a personal and unconnected note, isn’t it a shame when the last rays of the westering sun are the strongest and warmest of the day, and then the sun goes suddenly down to leave nothing but darkness and the chill air of night?

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