Friday, 5 May 2017

Standing on Shifting Ground.

I fetched my garden fork from the shed today to do some weeding. I put it down while I collected some other weeds from further down the path, and when I came back it had gone. The garden was in full view the whole time and there was definitely nobody in it but me. Half an hour of diligent searching and head scratching proved fruitless.

The same thing happened with a wood saw a few weeks ago when I was making a new bird table. I used the saw in the shed, took the cut piece of wood outside, and when I went back into the shed the saw had disappeared.

It’s happened with a few other things over the past couple of years, but I was always able to come up with a possible explanation which had some merit in plausibility. In the case of the garden fork and wood saw, there is none.

So what on earth is going on here? Are these tools slipping into one of those parallel universes the quantum scientists talk about? Even more disturbing, am I slipping into a parallel universe? Will I go into the garden one day and find a new car standing at the bottom of it because I’ve switched into a universe where I’ve won a lot of money and bought one?

It’s a bit worrying, isn’t it? How settled can you feel if you can’t be sure which universe you’re currently standing in?

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