Tuesday, 9 May 2017

The Hidden Cost of Personal Technology.

It’s hard to believe now that only a mere twenty years ago nobody had laptops or smart phones. Even basic mobiles were still a relatively rare commodity, and the sight of somebody walking along a street apparently talking to himself with his hand pressed against his ear still turned heads.

And it was about twenty years ago that I was on a train, travelling back from London to my home in the north Midlands, when the lights in the carriage went out. It was twilight and so the carriage was plunged into near darkness, but there was still a view to be seen through the windows.

I heard no voice raised in complaint. The carriage became quiet. Those who were reading books put them down, and those travelling with companions turned to look out of the window. People rested back in their seats, almost as of one mind, and a near palpable sense of peace and relaxation settled upon us all.

Would it happen now, I wonder. In the drive for convenience, entertainment on tap, instant communication and the making of billionaires, have we maybe lost something?

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