Saturday, 13 May 2017

The Gall of Mrs May.

The North East of England has a long and proud working tradition rooted in the Industrial Revolution. It even still displays a few of the honourable scars from its days as the land of shipyards and coal mines, all of which are now gone courtesy of Mrs Thatcher’s remorseless axe. The North East of England, along with other traditional industrial areas, suffered very badly at her blood-smeared hands.

And yet in spite of that, another Tory Prime Minister went up there today. Mrs May headed north from the comfort and safety of the metropolis to garner support for her cause in the upcoming General Election. She went to tell the poor benighted northerners that ‘the Labour Party has abandoned the working class.’

Do you realise what levels of hypocrisy are contained in that one callous and ill-conceived statement, coming as it does from the leader of the Tory Party, the party with a centuries-old history of exploiting and abusing the working class? And coming as it does from the successor to the very woman who destroyed communities and took away the pride of the people up there?

The modern Tory Party claims to be on the side of working people, and I wouldn’t entirely disagree even though the concept has much about it which is disingenuous, and even though it results in a particularly political form of dishonest calumny. But the obvious has to be stated. ‘Working people’ is not the same as ‘working class.’ I wonder whether Mrs May understands that. If she does, she stands accused in one way. If she doesn’t, she stands accused in another.

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