Saturday, 6 May 2017

Insulting the Big Guy.

I read a little news item today about Stephen Fry being in trouble with the law for insulting God on an Irish TV programme. Immediately afterwards I read another snippet about Stephen Colbert being in trouble over some insults he hurled at Donald Trump on an American TV programme. I do realise that the perceived ‘offences’ were different in the two cases, but I still found the parallel amusing.

Is the White House the new heaven on earth, I wondered. Will kids now have a new prayer to learn at school:

Our Donald
Who art in the White House
Hallowed be thy hair…

I gather Colbert’s offence was compounded by its homophobic slant, and it’s the gay Trump supporters who are up in arms. This is interesting because being gay and being pro-Trump is an odd sort of match. I’m not sure why that should be; I suppose it’s because gay rights has long been one of the great liberal shibboleths, and liberals aren’t generally big pals with Donald.

And what worries me a little is that this could get out of hand. America might soon be subjected to a new phenomenon: gangs of gays dressed in pink robes and hoods and carrying flaming dollar signs, intent upon finding a Democrat or poor person to lynch.


This post is not homophobic. I’m not anti-gay. And I do realise that there’s nothing funny about Klan activities. It’s just that impressions occasionally float across the water which beg to be commented on one way or another. It’s all a matter of method and prevailing mood.

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