Thursday, 18 May 2017

Trump and the Roman Way.

Trump keeps hopping from one foot to the other so fast it makes you wonder how many legs he’s got. In the space of a day he first makes the switch from juvenile invective to self-pitying mode (no President has ever been treated as badly as me/the Russia inquiry is a witch hunt), and then tries to use the same deflection tactic that he used over North Korea when he switched from don’t mess with me, buddy to you’re very naughty people and you’re insulting my good friend the President of China. His latest statement on the Russia inquiry is to claim that it will hurt our country.

Let’s keep this simple: the inquiry will only hurt America if Trump and his minions are found to have been guilty of colluding in a plot to give him power. But it will be a minor hurt, more of an embarrassment you might say. And Trump will still be first in line for the body blows, so the deflection tactic doesn’t work.

But suppose Trump’s statement isn’t quite what it seems. Could it be getting perilously close to what I predicted a few nights ago:

Any enemy of mine is an enemy of America.

You see, I just have this uncomfortable suspicion that if Trump isn’t removed fairly quickly he will get his feet under the table and want to stay there forever. As things stand at the moment he has little to no chance of doing that, but suppose he were to engineer a ‘successful’ war against the North Koreans. Leaders who win wars are known to gain a lot of personal popularity (take Thatcher and the Falklands as an example.) Then he could say ‘Look at me. I’m making America great again, but I need more time to finish the job so I’m scrapping democratic elections for the foreseeable future.’ He would need the support of the military, of course, but if the military has just won a war…

You think it couldn’t happen? I hope you’re right.

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