Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Ultimate Clash.

After I made the last post I took a look at the news from around the world. I read about the civilian deaths in Ukraine, the murder of James Foley, and the ongoing situation in Gaza. Suddenly I felt sick and nothing was funny any more.

Well, you can’t feel sick and deny all humour forever, so at some point you have to try and put aside notions of retaliation and retribution, of good guys and bad guys, and instead try to make some sense of it all.

The only sense I can make of it is that some people are living in a different world of perceptions than that which most of us take for granted. It seems to me that what we’re facing at the moment isn’t so much a clash of ideologies as a clash of realities. One man’s view of insane brutality is another man’s just crusade. How you get over that, I’ve no idea.

To repeat the words of the Priestess:

Living is just the stories we choose to tell ourselves. It’s all a matter of perception.

Agreed, but that applies as much to beheadings as it does to pole dancing in Barcelona, so how do you stop the suffering of the innocent? The answer is, sadly, that I can't. All I can do is live in my own reality and make notes about it on this blog. But it doesn't stop me being aware and neither should it, even though it hurts sometimes.

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