Saturday, 2 August 2014

Proper Priorities.

Driving home this afternoon, I got caught in a small traffic jam at the new roundabout near the JCB factory. I couldn’t understand it. ‘What the hell is that car at the front waiting for? There’s nothing on the (expletive deleted) roundabout!’

Ah, but there was…


They live on the lakes between the road and the factory, and on this occasion they were crossing said road to get at the fresh new grass on the fresh new roundabout.

So there were all these people in their shiny, stylish metal boxes which cost heaven knows how many thousands of pounds, with their electronic this and electronic that, space age braking systems, air conditioning, satnavs, CD players, etc, etc, all waiting for half a dozen geese to cross the road in their own time! (And they weren’t hurrying.)

For once, I didn’t mind being human.

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