Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Note with Epilogue.

Today has been a day of spills and mishaps, of things being trodden on and tripped over, of glitches in the machinery and things getting irritatingly in the way of other things. The sort of day when the frustrations eventually bring forth bursts of petty anger at things not worth getting angry about, and when you can’t decide whether your lowness of spirit is due to the circumstances, or whether it has a life of its own to add to the rest. And then there’s the backache and the twinges in the troublesome knee… On such a day you wonder how on earth you ever doubted the veracity of astrology, for today the configuration of the stars must surely be catastrophic.

And tonight I learned that the name of Australia’s capital city means ‘woman’s breasts’ in the native language. Well, it would, wouldn’t it?

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