Tuesday, 26 August 2014

An Unsuccesful Solution.

I’m becoming ever more susceptible to atmospheric conditions these days, both physically and mentally, and today it never stopped raining. As the heavy drizzle continued to fall and the chill wind continued to blow and everything beyond the walls continued to drip, my mood dropped lower and lower. By this evening I felt devoid of point and purpose. Oddly enough, the conditions were exactly the same as those pertaining at the start of the main narrative in my novel. That was set in August, too.

Anyway, I decided it wouldn’t do and looked for something to lift the spirits. I settled on the Harry Potter film The Order of the Phoenix, currently on loan from Mel.

It didn’t help. Not at all. I have two problems with Harry Potter films, so I suppose I should have known better. The first is that I don’t seem to have the required intelligence to fully understand them. I find myself frequently asking the question ‘Have I missed something, because this bit doesn’t make sense?’ The second is that Hermione never fails to knock me off balance. It’s that ‘boys are useless’ thing she does. My favourite line in the whole film was her saying ‘Ron, you’ve got the emotional range of a teaspoon.’ Irresistible, and unsettling. I continued to feel unsettled.

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