Sunday, 17 August 2014

A Note on Courage.

You know, sometimes it takes a little bit of courage to press the Publish button on a blog post, especially when you’re not drunk. Or maybe that should be ‘recklessness.’ I’ve often wondered how much of what we call courage is simply a lack of imagination, and how much is the outward manifestation of ‘what the hell.’

And courage comes in many forms. I remember watching a TV chat show many years ago, on which the two guests were Bill Beaumont, the England rugby captain, and Nigel Mansell, the F1 racing driver. Mansell said he would never have the courage to put his body on the line the way Beaumont did, and Beaumont said he would never dare drive a car as fast as Mansell did. See what I mean? And moral courage is a different kettle of fish altogether.


Anonymous said...

I've been doing the courage thing a lot lately. I like it.

So this dopey text I have to retype to prove I'm not a spamming robot looks like a smear of bird crap. I cannot read it at all.

JJ Beazley said...

If you know you're being courageous, if you have to make the effort to get over the fear barrier, then I reckon it's courage and I admire it. My point is that courage is often confused with fearlessness, which isn't the same thing.

I know: those verification symbols are becoming ridiculous lately. Sometimes I just stick anything in, and sometimes it works.