Monday, 18 August 2014

The Limbo of Fading Strangeness.

So how do I follow last night’s weird and wayward posts? I don’t, except to say that today’s trip to Derby was uneventful apart from wondering yet again how cooling towers at power stations work and why they’re that shape, and meeting a happy little Staffordshire Bull Terrier whose humans looked high on something. I decided the two facts were probably related. But then Mel said to me, when I was telling her about my summer’s work repainting the upstairs of my house and all the little restoration jobs that have come along with it: ‘It’s good to have a project.’

‘It is,’ I replied, ‘but a project isn’t the same thing as a focus. A focus takes you by the hand and leads you willingly into tomorrow. A project merely gives you a reason to get up in the morning.’

And then I bought a fresh cream éclair and ate it, but didn’t enjoy it very much.

Last night’s strangeness hasn’t entirely evaporated yet, but I’m growing bored with it.

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