Monday, 11 August 2014

The Jeffrey Box.

Whilst continuing the painting job in my bathroom today, I came across something interesting. I took the drawers out of a four-drawer chest and found the ‘Jeffrey Box’ which my mother gave me a few years before she died. (My brother John was also given a ‘John Box’.) I really don’t know why I’ve never properly looked through it before, but it seems I haven't.

It contains little things which she liked and were associated with my childhood – letters, postcards, photographs, a few small toys, etc. It’s keeping me interested and amused, and I wonder whether I should start a series of posts called The Jeffrey Box Posts.

First up is a postcard I sent home from a solo trip I made to London at age 10. I was staying with my stepfather’s son and his wife. The card was from the Tower of London, and shows statues of men and horses kitted out in full, late mediaeval armour. My written message reads:

Dear Mum, Dad, and Gill (the ‘and’ was added as an afterthought.)

Im having a nice time at London. I was going to get you another card with the chopper and head block on but Bud said it would be too blood thirsty. Well goodbye

Clearly the first signs of a talent for creative writing. And I didn’t leave quite enough space when writing the address, which reads:

Mr Mrs Beazley (seems I had a blind spot into which the word ‘and’ routinely fell)
41 Eaveswood R
Abbey Hulton
Isn’t that cute? I’ve a feeling there might be more to come.

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