Saturday, 10 October 2015

The Trump and Carson Show.

Life continues to be troublesome, and blogging material has been hard to find recently. However, I just came across this:

Ben Carson, a leading contender for the Republican nomination in the next US Presidential election, says that the Holocaust might have been avoided if the Nazis had allowed Germans to carry guns. Three questions spring immediately to mind:

1. Is Carson so low on native intelligence that he believes it?

2. Is he, instead, guilty of making a massive error of judgement with an extraordinarily inept attempt to justify American gun mania?

3. Or does he, perhaps, believe that a substantial number of Americans are so intellectually impoverished as to agree with him?

No doubt there are more, but that will do for now. But here’s another general question:

Do you realise, you rest-of-the-world out there, that Carson and Donald Trump (who is taking the Scottish Executive to court, by the way, over their plans to build an offshore wind farm close to the Aberdeenshire coast because he says it will spoil the view from his golf course) each stand a real chance of becoming the next President of the United States?

Should we cheer at this prospect, since either man is likely to provide us with more amusement than even GW did? (Or even Monty Python, come to that.) Or should we Europeans, at least, start preparing to lay a marine minefield all the way from Iceland to North Africa? I favour both, although I greatly sympathise with all those good Americans for whom their country will become a less than compatible environment should the Republican vaudeville act come to fruition.

Oh, and another by the way. Do you know who’s backing Carson? Rupert Murdoch. Need I say more?

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