Friday, 2 October 2015

A Regret and a Note to Literate Americans.

I’m half inclined to regret my Late, Late Ramble post that I put here in the early hours of this morning. I was tired and using a broad brush to make a relatively narrow point, and now I’m minded to think that the brush was a little too broad. Still, I like one or two bits in it so it can stay up. Feel free to hurl unripe bananas in my direction and I’ll attempt to defend myself as best I can (or apologise, or hurl them back, or whatever.)

The only constructive point that emerged from last night’s ruminating was the fact that Americans can’t seem to decide how to spell ‘theatre.’ While searching for something in a related field, I came across the odd fact that some theatres are officially called theatres, while others are equally officially called theaters. This is not a serious issue, but I do think that if you colonials are going to tinker with the mother tongue and invent your own spellings (a practice to which I offer no objection) you might at least be consistent.

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