Thursday, 1 October 2015

Crying Over Spilt Soup.

I’ve got a persistent thirst tonight, which leads me to suspect that I put too much celery salt in the pea and potato soup. Maybe there’s a connection between the excess salt and the fact that when I picked up one of the pots to move it, it somehow contrived to tilt sideways and spill its contents all over the cooker top.

Do you know how messy and time consuming it is to clean a pot of thick pea and potato soup off a cooker top? And do you further realise how irritating it is to slave over the making of said soup, only to have to mop up a load of it with about 10 yds of kitchen towel and throw it away? Very in both cases.

*  *  *

So tonight I’ve been contemplating a suitable riposte to a man who replied to one of my comments on YouTube with ‘Sorry, but your nuts.’ The range of possibilities was wide – some were even reasoned and sensible – but I think I’ll restrict it to ‘What about my nuts?’

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