Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Closet Troglodytes.

There’s a new advert appeared on YouTube. It’s one of those old, achingly hackneyed lovers-on-sunkissed-beach ones, capitalising on the great lie that is populist romanticism. The catch line runs:

Shredded Wheat: Looks after your heart, so you’re free to follow it.

How long have they been regurgitating this sort of mindless nonsense? Eighty years or thereabouts? And yet still they go on.

I swear they’re the worst of the lot, you know. They’re worse even than YouTube Orcs. At least true Orcs don’t pretend to be anything other than half-witted cave dwellers, whereas advertisers like to believe that they’re not only clever, but important. And the system pays them vast sums of money just to get on our nerves.


Bree T Donovan said...

The ones that drive me crazy are for "ED," medications! The signature picture for one of them is a man and a woman next to each other in separate bathtubs. If you are feeling sexual, why would you be in separate bathtubs! Doesn't make a good point about the medication it would seem!

JJ Beazley said...

I don't know what an ED medication is, but I assume it's some sort of stiffening agent like hardboard or Viagra. We don't get adverts for such preparations in Britain; we're restricted to simple over-the-counter stuff like analgesics and cold relief syrups. But of course, we don't need them anyway. We have Shredded Wheat.

Bree T Donovan said...

Yes the ole "Erectile Dysfunction." In my day, "ED" simply meant "Eating Disorder." I'll have to be careful when I tell folks that I overcame an "ED!" :-)

JJ Beazley said...

Then I'm so glad I didn't know what it meant, since who wants to be incriminated?

Bree T Donovan said...

AYE! :-)