Wednesday, 14 October 2015

In Danger of Emulating Hereward.

I’m a little concerned. I’ve had a suspiciously high number of visits today from Mauritius – a country with which I’ve never previously had contact – all landing on the same post:

Marriage in Terminal Decline?

(That was the one which prompted my friend The Borg to fire whole crateloads of bananas at me with extra strong knicker elastic.)

Why are people in Mauritius so interested in my views on gay marriage? Should I expect a visitation of some kind in the darkest hour before dawn? Will I become the stuff of legend, of whom men (though probably not women) will say ‘…and he was never seen alive again, nor his remains ever found. But the old folks in these parts do say that his voice is sometimes heard, calling across the marshes in the darkest hour before dawn.’

*  *  *

I get confused in differentiating between Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius, you know. I think my taste for alliteration might be adversely affecting my memory cells.

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