Friday, 2 October 2015

The Late Late Ramble.

I was thinking about the Asian beauty thing, and it occurred to me that the worthier Asian girl would probably find our banal, commercial, materialistic culture quite intolerable. It seems to me that Asians and Africans have so much more innate style than we do. They’re naturally classier. As the wealth of the world has gravitated to the west, we’ve become a bunch of hamsters running the treadmill of the shopping mall, choking silently on chemical scents while ogling neon-proclaimed images which are crushingly tedious in their superficiality.

I’m generalising, of course. Japan has long been westernised, South Korea is holding station, while China is moving rapidly that way. And the rich fragment of India is nothing if not aspirational. Is that a shame? I think so.

And I’m rambling without point or purpose. Night.

(And I didn't send the email I've been toying with all night. I didn't even write it. Discretion rules in the land where angels fear to tread.)

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