Monday, 5 October 2015

Mean and Mean.

I just saw a still from a 2005 version of King Kong in which the CGI gorilla is quite convincing apart from one unfortunate fact. In order to be the mean machine he’s supposed to be, and in order that the average modern King Kong fan should appreciate the fact, he has to do mean in the manner of an all-action movie star. Consequently, he looks rather more like Arnold Schwarzenegger than a real gorilla. That’s some quandary they’ve got there.

And it’s a mildly interesting fact that the YouTube clip from which the still was taken has had 40.5m views. A week or so ago I watched a young university student giving her views on the consumerist ethos in today’s society. Her presentation was good, her views well researched and carefully reasoned. Her clip has had 536 views. That’s a bit mean, isn’t it?

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