Saturday, 10 October 2015

A Hat and its Message.

Early hours of the morning and I’ve finally found something to say that isn’t achingly tedious:

I have a strong aversion to the sight of women wearing Stetsons.

Should I go on? OK. I also have an aversion to the sight of men wearing Stetsons, but at least they can justify it by citing a surfeit of testosterone, real or imagined.

Women are generally strong enough as it is in ways that matter. Pretending a surfeit of testosterone just says ‘I yelp and sing Rhinestone Cowboy very loudly when excited.’ Bit of a turn off, even in Milwaukee.


Madeline said...

Had to look up what a Stetson was. I'd just call it a cowboy hat. It's kind of appealing to me as I am always looking for hats that will block the sun, but I have no pretense of being fashionable. I am also grateful I have people in my life who will tell me I look good when I wear large embarrassing hats.

My current pet peeve is men who wear their hair in buns.

I also thought you might be interested to know that I am in a good mood because my dad just wrote to me about a short story I sent him "This isn't bad, in a demented kind of way," which is pretty much the highest praise I can imagine.

JJ Beazley said...

Paper bags are good for keeping the sun off. With your undoubted manual dexterity, I'm sure you'd get the eye holes in the right place.

Excuse my presumption, but I don't see you as the Stetson type, Mad. You know it's against the law in some states to wear them without stiletto-heel boots encrusted with rhinestones, don't you? And could you really do the yelp if some good ol' boy drove you to the levee in his Chevy?

Buns? I've never seen a man wearing his hair in a bun. Is that the single sort at the back or the two at the side which look like misplaced ear muffs? How odd. For my part, now that my hair is migrating sideways and downwards I thought of having a ponytail, but I can't because I never had Jesus hair. It's more the Aslan type.

I am indeed interested in the fact that you're in a good mood. You have as many moods as you have skills, and such a quality is becoming in a woman, don't you think? Would I be equally interested in your demented story, I wonder. I generally like demented stories. I find them homely. Do you plan to make it public in some way? Well said Pops.

Madeline said...

Single bun. Sometimes shaved on the sides. Don't tell anyone in the UK about it, and maybe the fad will pass before it reaches you.

I am looking into publication but since the publishing world seems to move at a snail's pace (for me anyway) I'd be happy to send it to you.

JJ Beazley said...

You make it sound like a Mohican cut with a regressive tendency. I assume they don't dye them pink, or anything.

Do send the story. I promise to complain if it isn't demented enough.